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With over thirty years driven partridge shooting experience, the owner of Las Ahijaderas also occupies important positions on the national hunting associations of his country. He enjoys royal patronage; the King of Spain has been a regular shooting visitor on this estate.

The game laws of Salamanca allow for partridge shooting from late August through until mid April.

The accommodation is very comfortable and shooting truly superb.


Las Ahijaderas, Hunting Lodge, Nr. Salamanca

We stay on a large private estate which holds big game but is not used for partridge shooting; it is two and a half hours Northwest of Madrid, and 30 km to the south of the stunning city of Salamanca.

Our host has some fantastic shooting land within 25 minutes drive of our accommodation. This is set in beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountains, the undulating terrain and steep gullies offering excellent partridge shooting.


Traditional driven shooting with a minimum daily bag of 400 partridges, larger bags may be shot if required. The wonderful environment and topography produces strong high flying birds that can test the skills of even the most accomplished game-shot. Guns shoot each drive from a blind/hide, which uses either natural vegetation or is man made.

The gun is joined by a “cargador” (loader) and a “secretario” (spotter/picker up). Sport can be fast and furious and both of these helpers are essential, and indeed their enthusiasm can be quite infectious! The services of a loader means that double guns can be shot with ease though you can of course shoot a single gun if you prefer to do so.

An excellent lunch is taken in the field (tables, chairs and waiters provided!), and refreshments are always available between drives. We usually shoot two or three drives in the morning, take a leisurely lunch, and shoot a further one or two drives in the afternoon. In fairness it should be pointed out that keeping the bag to 400 per day can be difficult, typically you should allow for an overage of at least 50 birds per day, all of which we must pay for. Guns do however have the choice of stopping shooting when the bag is reached, those that want to continue shooting may do so, and pay their own ‘overage’.

Getting There:

We usually fly into Madrid airport, guns are met and guided through customs by able support staff. Mini buses are then used to transfer everyone to the shoot lodge, this journey takes around 2½ hours.

Should clients wish to, they can fly directly to Salamanca airport via private charter, this is only half an hour from the lodge.


Guests are housed in an imaginatively designed lodge complex built on three sides of a small “plaza”, boasting 12 comfortably appointed twin rooms with private bathrooms. Guests are urged to treat the lodge as their home and nothing is too much trouble for our hosts.

There is also an outdoor swimming pool (August and September only), tennis court and pigeon ring. All meals are taken in the beautiful shooting lodge, which has friendly staff and an atmosphere, capturing the true spirit of “la Chasse”.

The magnificent trophy rooms will leave guests in no doubt as to where the owners’ passions lie.

Please Contact Andrew for more information.

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