Shooting In The UK

Having taken clients shooting all over the UK for many years, I now tend to concentrate on a small number of select shoots in East Anglia and the South East. I have built strong working relationships with these over the years and they have never let me down! New venues are carefully vetted, and only added to my shoot portfolio if they consistently come up to the standard discerning clients would expect.

Rather than wax lyrical ‘online’ about the shoots I use, I am very happy to discuss their individual merits should you care to contact me.

I can organise days with bags ranging from around 125 birds up to 400 although my ‘standard’ day tends to be around the 250 mark; days can consist of partridge, pheasant and (on some shoots) duck, or a mix of all three if you so wish.

Shooting is a wonderfully ‘social’ sport and I am a firm believer that there is much more to shooting than just ‘shooting’; so all my shoots offer coffee on arrival, drinks / snacks between drives, a very good ‘sit down’ lunch and tea and cake at the end of the day. You will therefore have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy each others company as well as the shooting!

Some shoots have their own transport for the team of guns; others will require the use of 4x4’s, which I can arrange should clients not have their own. Gun hire can also be arranged subject to all legal requirements being met; loaders and / or shooting instructors can also be provided on request with sufficient notice.

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