Sporting Seasons Of Great Britain

England & Wales Scotland
Shooting From To From To
Grouse12 Aug10 Dec12 Aug10 Dec
Partridge01 Sep01 Feb01 Sep01 Feb
Pheasant01 Oct01 Feb01 Oct01 Feb
Ptarmigan12 Aug10 Dec12 Aug10 Dec
Black Game20 Aug10 Dec20 Aug10 Dec
Capercaillie01 Oct31 Jan01 Oct31 Jan
Common Snipe12 Aug31 Jan12 Aug31 Jan
Golden Plover01 Sep31 Jan01 Sep31 Jan
Woodcock01 Oct31 Jan01 Oct31 Jan
HaresNo closed Season31 Jul31 Mar
RabbitsNo closed SeasonNo closed Season
Wood PigeonNo closed SeasonNo closed Season
Duck01 Sep31 Jan*01 Sep31 Jan*
Geese01 Sep31 Jan*01 Sep31 Jan*
* Wild duck and geese may be shot up to February 20th on certain foreshore areas below high water mark of ordinary spring tides.
Species of Wildfowl permitted to be shot:
Duck Mallard, Wigeon, Teal, Pintail, Goldeneye, Tufted, Common Pochard, Shoveler, Gadwall.
Geese Pinkfoot, Greylag, Canada, Whitefront.


England & Wales Scotland
Stalking From To From To
Red Deer Stags01 Aug30 Apr01 Jul20 Oct
Roe Buck01 Apr31 Oct01 Apr20 Oct
Fallow Buck01 Aug30 Apr01 Aug30 Apr
Sika Stag01 Aug30 Apr01 Jul20 Oct
Red Deer Hinds01 NovEnd Feb21 Oct15 Feb
Roe Doe01 NovEnd Feb21 Oct31 Mar
Fallow Doe01 NovEnd Feb21 Oct15 Feb
Sika Hind01 NovEnd Feb21 Oct15 Feb
MuntjacNo closed SeasonNo closed Season


England & Wales Scotland
Fishing From To From To
Salmon & Seatrout15 Jan15 Dec11 Jan30 Nov
Brown Trout01 Mar15 Oct15 Mar06 Oct
Grayling16 Jun14 Mar16 Jun14 Mar
Rainbow TroutNo closed SeasonNo closed Season
Coarse Fish16 Jun14 Mar16 Jun14 Mar
Within these bands dates vary from river to river according to local regulations.
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